Ever noticed the buttonhole on a suit’s lapel?

It’s not present on every suit. This is not surprising as a lapel buttonhole doesn’t actually hold a significant, functional purpose anymore. In the present day, its purpose is mostly cosmetic. And because of its primarily cosmetic purpose, the buttonhole isn’t always real either – it may just be embroidered to give the appearance of one. It does continue to hold one purpose, however, in that it may be used to hold a boutonnière on a groom suit.

In the past, the lapel buttonhole was used alongside a button on the underside of the other lapel so that a man could button up his suit entirely. We’ve actually already covered a type of lapel buttonhole, called a Milanese buttonhole, owing to its (probable) Italian origins.

You’ll find that there may be two lapel buttonholes on a double-breasted suit jacket – one on each lapel, but just one on a single-breasted suit jacket. Take a look at the rest of the buttons on single- and double-breasted suit jackets and you’ll see why this is. The lapel buttonholes normally reflect the arrangement of the below buttons and buttonholes. When it doesn’t – or when a double-breasted suit jacket has just one buttonhole – it’ll be on the left lapel, like on a single-breasted suit. This is to allow for a boutonnière, which, if worn, is worn on the buttonhole on the left lapel.

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