If you’re currently looking to get your first custom-made suit, you’ve likely just come across the terms ‘fused’, ‘half canvas’ and ‘full canvas’.

These terms refer to the construction of the suit. The suit can either be fused together with glue, have a horsehair canvas covering the top half of the suit as in the below image – hence the term ‘half canvas’, or have a horsehair canvas extending from the shoulders to the bottom of the suit, which would make it a fully-canvassed suit.

While a full canvas suit is normally considered to be the ‘best’, you don’t actually need a full canvas for the suit to be a great one. A half canvas suit will also cost less than a full canvas suit.

What significance does the canvas have? Sewn between the jacket lining and fabric, the canvas helps to keep the suit in shape. Relative to a fused suit, canvassed suits are also far more likely to last. Fused suits are both quicker and cheaper to produce than their canvassed counterparts, and because they are glued together, they’re less breathable. So, as lightweight as they may be, you’re likely to get a worse looking suit that doesn’t allow air to pass as well as canvassed suits do.

Beyond the construction of the suit, there are other telltale signs of a great suit as well. This includes surgeon’s cuffs (essentially functioning sleeve buttonholes), a Milanese buttonhole on the suit’s lapel as well as a high-quality fabric and buttons. The suit lining fabric is also worthy of your consideration – you want something that not only feels great and breathable but will also hold strong. This is why silk, as great as it may feel, is not the ideal lining fabric. It’s more likely to tear than certain alternatives.

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