Welcome to Mister Singh’s Fashion Gallery – Pattaya Tailors

For decades, our founders have been producing high quality clothing for our international clientele, recognising us as a name of excellence in custom-tailored clothing in Thailand.

If visiting Pattaya, why not consider getting a high quality shirt, blouse or suit tailored for an affordable price? Going to a Pattaya tailor for the custom-made route allows you to dress yourself in something truly unique – something truly yours. After all, you customise your clothes to suit your particular taste and style, with the fit tailored to you. In other words, it’s yours. Can you really say the same about off-the-rack clothing made for the masses?

The Mister Singh’s name is a mark of trust and excellence, and our high number of satisfied clients from all over the world attests to this. At Mister Singh’s Fashion Gallery, you can get a world class suit with surgeon cuffs, a Milanese buttonhole, and your initials monogrammed, all for an affordable price.

How to order

Please note that, if looking to order from Mister Singh’s in Pattaya, a prior appointment is required. At the time of the scheduled appointment, our tailor will visit your hotel with fabrics as well as catalogues to help you draw inspiration in order to design your custom-tailored clothing. The completed clothes will then be delivered to your hotel room around 48-72 hours after your first appointment. This, of course, can be expedited depending on urgency.

So, what are you waiting for? To learn more or to make an appointment, simply send us a message through the contact form below.