For decades, Thailand has been known as one of the go-to places for custom-made suits.

Many who visit cities like Bangkok, Pattaya, and Chiang Mai will tell you how common seeing tailor stores are. The fact of the matter is that many of these aren’t so great at what they do.

Mister Singh’s Fashion Gallery has been in the custom-made clothing business for decades. We have stores in Phuket (Patong), Bangkok, and Khao Lak. Our tailor store in Phuket is the world’s most exclusive international custom tailor and dressmaker. We offer the highest quality clothing at very reasonable prices.

We are currently offering free shipping for orders over US $149 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Plus, if you’re ordering shirts as part of your order, we’ll throw in a free mask for each shirt, to match the shirt’s design. Ordering is simple: fill in the form below, and we’ll get in touch to help you design your next suit. Payment is available online or through Western Union. We ship your package straight to your door. You won’t see any extra charges from us.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and order your next suit. If this is your first order from us, don’t worry. We’ll guide you through the entire process. If you can’t get someone to measure you up, you can simply send us your best fitting shirt and trousers, and we’ll work out the measurements from there.

If you plan to visit Thailand once travel restrictions ease, do know that we offer free pick-up from your hotel to our tailor stores in Bangkok, Phuket, and Khao Lak.

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