It’s important to know when suit jackets should be buttoned, and which buttons should be done.

It would be a faux pas to do up the bottom button of a single-breasted suit jacket, for example.

For a single-breasted suit, the rule of thumb is, if you’re seated, you unbutton the suit jacket. When you get up, all the buttons should be fastened, except for the bottom button (if the suit jacket has more than one button). If you’ve got a three button suit, you can also go without buttoning the top button – that’s up to you, but the middle button should always be fastened. There’s a common phrase associated with it: “sometimes, always, never”. You sometimes do up the top button, always fasten the middle button, and never do up the bottom button of a three button suit.

If it’s a three-piece single-breasted suit, then for the vest/waistcoat, you leave the bottom button unfastened at all times. The rest of the buttons are done regardless of whether you’re seated or standing. Note that, for more formal occasions, it may be customary to do up the bottom button of the waistcoat as well.

For a double-breasted suit, you don’t unbutton when seated and button when standing like you do with single-breasted suits. The bottom buttons could remain unfastened, but it’s less of a hard-and-fast rule now, so you can decide based on what works for you.

If it’s a three-piece double-breasted suit, then for the vest/waistcoat, all the buttons are done regardless of whether you’re seated or standing up.

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