You can achieve some very fashionable looks with denim jackets.

Denim jackets are a classic for casual and smart casual looks. Custom-made denim jackets not only allow you to look fashionable, but also help you to get that ‘just right’ fit. That fit is tailored for you, because everybody is different, and this allows you to feel comfortable in your own clothing.

Besides getting the denim jacket custom-made to fit you, another benefit of a custom denim jacket is, of course, that you get it customized to suit your personal tastes and style. That means that you can get it embroidered with your initials or favourite slogan, have pockets where you want them, pick the length of your sleeves or achieve a permanent rolled-up sleeves look, with them sewn in. It’s all up to you. That’s the beauty of getting clothes custom-made.

If you’ve been looking to get a custom denim jacket for a while now, you would have probably noticed that not all tailors are willing to work with denim – many typically only work on formal clothes such as suits, dress pants, etc. Others may be willing to custom make you a denim jacket, but have limited experience working with denim. At Mister Singh’s Fashion Gallery, we’ve got decades of experience in custom-tailoring all sorts of clothing – and yes, this includes denim jackets, jeans, and other denim clothing.

Our prices are very reasonable. If this is your first time getting clothes custom-made, don’t fret. We know that not everybody has experience in getting custom clothing, so we’re here to guide you through the entire process. If you don’t already know your measurements, we can either guide you through measuring a well-fitting garment through a virtual consultation or you can simply send us said garment via post, and it’ll be returned to you along with your custom denim jacket.

If you are in Thailand, however, then we invite you to visit our Phuket or Bangkok tailor shops for your custom denim jackets.

So, what are you waiting for? Simply send us a message through the contact form below to enquire more or to begin the process of getting yourself a custom denim jacket.

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