In the heart of Bangkok, Mister Singh’s Bangkok tailor shop brings you alteration and repair services for your cherished jeans and other denim clothing.

Welcome to our Bangkok jeans repair shop, where our skilled tailors breathe new life into your favourite jeans and denim garments.

Denim is more than just fabric; it tells a story. Your denim garments are a testament to your unique journey. But with time and wear, even the most cherished jeans may start to show signs of aging or require alterations to fit you well depending on any changes to your body shape. That’s where our Bangkok jeans repair service comes in.

At Mister Singh’s, we understand the value of well-fitted and well-maintained denim. Whether it’s your favourite pair of jeans, a denim jacket, shorts, a shirt, or any other denim clothing item, our skilled tailors can provide a range of services to rejuvenate your denim wardrobe. This includes length adjustment, tapering and resizing, zipper/button replacement, and rip and tear repairs, among others.

We pride ourselves on our high quality craftsmanship. With decades of tailoring experience, our team works so that every alteration or repair is executed with precision and attention to detail. We respect the authenticity of your denim, striving to maintain its unique character while enhancing its functionality and aesthetics.

If you’re passionate about your jeans and want to extend their lifespan, visit Mister Singh’s Bangkok tailor shop at 118 Ratchaprarop Road. Our team is ready to discuss your specific needs and provide tailored solutions for your denim garments.

Give your beloved jeans a second chance to shine. At Mister Singh’s, we’re here to make sure your jeans stay as timeless as your memories. Contact us today to enquire about our Bangkok jeans repair services or to schedule an appointment at our city centre tailor shop.


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