Looking to get golf pants that fit better?

Yes, golf pants can be custom-tailored, as can golf shorts, skirts and plus fours. It’s important to be comfortable when playing golf, and that’s why some people turn to custom-tailored golf pants.

It may seem like it would cost a tonne of money to get golf pants custom-tailored, but this is not necessarily the case, and it costs less than you might think. Besides, getting them custom-tailored also means your tailor can consider your individual requirements when making your pants – if you normally get sweat stains on your pants, for example. Our golf pants also come standard with a silicone band, to help keep your polo shirt tucked in.

Mister Singh’s Fashion Gallery is a custom tailor in Bangkok, Phuket, and Khao Lak. We have nearly 50 years of experience in producing high-quality clothing for ladies and gents. If you’re looking to get golf trousers custom-tailored at an affordable price but live outside of Thailand, you’ll be happy to know that a visit to our store is not required. We offer two options for our overseas clients:

  • Mister Singh’s Fashion Gallery has a travelling tailor service, where we visit major cities in South East Asia, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and Canada, every year. If you’d like to meet us to get custom-tailored golf pants the next time we’re in your city, simply send us a message through the contact form below and we’ll let you know in advance of our next visit. We may also visit cities in other countries/regions, subject to demand – if you have a large group looking to get golf pants or other clothing custom-tailored, we can look to adding a stop in your city.
  • Order online. To do this, we simply ask that you send us a well-fitting garment (in this case, a pair of trousers) that we can use to get your measurements. We’ll then return it along with your custom-tailored golf pants, sent straight to your door. Alternatively, we can also help you measure a pair of your well-fitting pants through a virtual appointment.
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