Whether you’re having a destination wedding in Thailand, or just buying your wedding suit here, Bangkok is an excellent place to get custom-tailored clothes.

It makes sense. You can get excellent suits in all sorts of fabrics at a fraction of the price they would cost back home – probably around the same price as a wedding suit that you can purchase off-the-peg. But it’s your wedding day, do you really want to wear something you got off-the-rack? No, you probably want something that’s been custom-tailored for you. For the big day. That’s fair enough, and it’s why so many grooms-to-be choose to get their wedding suits tailored in Bangkok.

We have extensive experience in producing custom-tailored clothing for brides and grooms, and even for groomsmen and bridesmaids. Naturally, the default option when getting wedding suits is to include a boutonni√®re, for your wedding flower. There’s no need to pin one on then – and we don’t charge extra for this.

Mister Singh’s Fashion Gallery is a wedding suit tailor in Bangkok, Phuket, and Khao Lak. We’ve been producing high-quality custom-tailored suits and accessories for nearly 50 years, and have the experience that comes along with it. If you’d like to book an appointment to have your wedding suit custom-tailored in Bangkok, send us a message through the contact form below and we’ll get back to you promptly. Be sure to include your hotel name and room number if you’d like to take advantage of our free pick-up service.

Besides this, we also have a travelling tailor service to a number of major cities around the world, every year. This is an excellent opportunity for groomsmen to get suits as well. Click here to learn more and/or to add your details to our travelling tailor contact list.


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