Sometimes it’s difficult to get a superhero costume from your favourite movie, you can’t find one in your size, or you just want to add your own twist to it. That’s why it’s worth considering a custom superhero costume.

Getting a custom superhero costume is worth it because you are front and centre when it comes to the design of your costume. It’s up to you what fabric(s) should be used, how it should fit and what the costume should look like once completed. You might, for example, want a hidden pocket on the inside of your costume to hold some cash and an ID card in case of an emergency.

Of course, your tailor will be there to advise and guide you through the entire process. The added benefit is, of course, that the superhero costume is made to fit you specifically, so that you feel comfortable when wearing it.

Whether you want a custom superhero costume for a Halloween party or for your child to attend a superhero-themed birthday party, you can get one made for an affordable price. At Mister Singh’s Fashion Gallery, we’ve got decades of experience in producing high-quality clothing of all sorts for clients from all over the world.

To begin the process of ordering your very own custom superhero costume, simply send us a message through the contact form below. If you’ve already got an idea of what you’d like the costume to look like – or have a photograph you can share – you are welcome to let us know as well, and we’ll get back to you accordingly. Plus, you don’t even have to visit our store. It’s possible to order from anywhere in the world, as long as we can get your measurements!


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