There are many benefits to getting custom chino pants.

The first, of course, is that they’re made to fit you. That’s the most important factor, as it’s important for you to feel comfortable in your own clothes. Other than that, you also get to customize them to suit your personal tastes and styles.

That means, if you prefer your chinos with side adjustors, you can get them with side adjustors. Don’t like belt loops? They’re gone. Beyond that, you also get to choose the pocket styles, buttons, etc. If you’ve got big or muscular thighs, don’t worry. They’re custom chino pants, after all. They weren’t made for the masses. They’re made to fit you.

Believe it or not, they don’t have to cost a fortune. Our professional Bangkok, Khao Lak and Phuket tailors have decades of experience in producing all sorts of custom clothing, offered at reasonable prices.

Don’t worry about measurements if you intend to order online. If you don’t have your measurements on hand, you can simply send us a well-fitting garment so that we can get your measurements. Alternatively, we’d be happy to meet with you via a virtual consultation in order to guide you through measuring said well-fitting garment yourself. We’re also in the process of releasing an online measurement guide.

To order custom chino pants – and perhaps an accompanying custom-tailored polo shirt, or for any inquiries, simply send us a message through the contact form below and we’ll get back to you promptly.


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