A high-quality, custom-made wedding dress shouldn’t have to cost a fortune.

Why get it custom-made? It’s your wedding day. A custom-made dress is made for you. Not just anyone, like off-the-rack wedding dresses. You’re essentially able to design your own dress – your perfect dress – with our help, of course.

You can customize it however you like. You can get it with or without sleeves, a cape, a tail, a detachable skirt, a slit, etc. After all, it’s custom-made for you.

Wedding dresses usually need some work done after you purchase them anyway – such as adding bustles. Why not get it entirely custom-tailored, if it’s probably going to cost the same as any decent off-the-rack dress in the end? Or even less, in many cases.

In addition to essentially being able to design your wedding dress from the ground up, going the custom-made route means that your dress is designed to fit you, so that you feel comfortable in your dress.

At Mister Singh’s Fashion Gallery, we’ve been producing high-quality clothing for decades – and yes, this includes custom-tailored wedding dresses and suits. Our Thailand-based tailors have extensive experience in producing all sorts of custom-made clothing.

At Mister Singh’s, it’s entirely possible to get a high-quality wedding dress custom-made at an affordable price. Our high number of satisfied clients from all around the world attests to the quality of our clothing and service.

Even if you’re outside of Thailand, you can still get a custom-made wedding dress for an affordable price. To get your measurements, we simply ask that you send us a well-fitting dress, which will be promptly returned to you along with your custom-tailored wedding dress. To get started with this process, simply send us a message through the contact form below, and we’ll get back to you soon.


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