Wool is probably the most common suit fabric.

There are different types of wool, including but not limited to regular sheep wool, cashmere and mohair, which you can get suits cut from. Cashmere and mohair are used to distinguish from regular sheep wool, however – so wool, in common usage, just refers to regular sheep wool. Wool is soft, warm, and fire resistant – it’s especially awesome for winter suits.

Wool is also wrinkle-resistant. Really, the only two major drawbacks to wool are that it can be relatively expensive and that moths are attracted to it. If cost is an issue, it’s also worth considering wool/cotton blends. Moths aren’t going to be an issue for most people. Even if they are, however, it’s still certainly worth looking into ways you can store clothes they may be attracted to, as you’re otherwise limiting your options.

Mister Singh’s Fashion Gallery is a Bangkok, Phuket, and Khao Lak tailor. We’ve got decades of experience in producing high-quality suits for ladies and gentlemen from all sorts of materials. If you’re looking to get a wool suit custom-made at an affordable price, be sure to give us a shout – you don’t have to physically visit any of our stores to get a suit tailored.

Ordering a custom-made suit online from Mister Singh’s is a simple process, and we just ask that you send us a well-fitting garment so that we can get your measurements. We’ll promptly return this along with your new, custom-made wool suit. If you’d prefer, we can alternatively guide you through measuring said garment yourself via a virtual appointment at no additional cost.

To get in touch and/or to order your new custom-made wool suit, simply send us a message through the contact form below.


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