Cotton is an underrated suit fabric.

Cotton suits are affordable and can be worn throughout the year. Sure, a cotton suit isn’t considered luxurious like a cashmere suit, but cotton is natural – and a vegan fabric at that. So, if you’ve been looking to get yourself a custom-tailored vegan suit, be sure to consider cotton as an option.

There are many benefits to getting your suit custom-made. The primary benefit is that it’s made specially to fit you, so that you feel comfortable in your suit. But beyond this, you also get to customize it to suit your personal tastes and needs, allowing you to better express your individuality than with an off-the-rack suit.

Have you found a tailor for your suit yet? We’d like to put ourselves forward as the ideal custom tailor for your cotton suit. We’ve got decades of experience in producing top-quality suits for ladies and gents, and take pride in our affordability. Choose Mister Singh’s and your suit(s) will both be affordable and be of high quality.

You can get it with surgeon cuffs, a lapel buttonhole, and even have your have your initials monogrammed. We don’t charge extra for these, as you’ll find is rare among custom tailors. We also have cotton/linen blends available, if you’d prefer such fabrics.

Our ordering process is simple, and we simply ask that you send us a well-fitting garment so that we can get your measurements. Said garment will then be returned to you along with your new, custom-tailored suit(s). We can also guide you through measuring said garment yourself through a virtual appointment if you so desire.

So, what are you waiting for? Send us a message through the contact form below to get started with the process of getting yourself a new and affordable custom-made cotton suit.


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