Corduroy is versatile and timeless.

It may not be as popular as it once was, but it’s still a striking choice for a normally-casual suit. It’s certainly more unique than most other fabrics; and, with its ribbed texture, you can often stand out quite easily in a corduroy suit.

Besides, it also doesn’t hurt that corduroy suits are usually durable and easy to care for.

Why get a corduroy suit custom-tailored? A corduroy suit is striking as it is, but when you have one custom-tailored, you’re able to customise it to your requirements. This means you can choose the colour, lapel style, pocket designs, buttons, lining fabric, etc. to create a suit that is truly reflective of your personality and sense of style. This way, you can get a corduroy suit that is truly yours.

At Mister Singh’s Fashion Gallery, we have decades of experience custom tailoring suits of all sorts of materials – including corduroy. The experience begins with a consultation, where we work with you to understand how your corduroy suit should look, with several lookbooks available for you to browse through to draw inspiration from. Once the design of your suit has been finalised, we’ll proceed with taking your measurements. You’ll then be invited in for 1-2 fittings before your suit is ready for pickup or to be dropped off to your hotel.

So, whether you’re living or visiting Bangkok, if you’re looking to get a custom corduroy suit, then be sure to drop by Mister Singh’s Bangkok tailor shop to discuss your requirements and get measured for your corduroy suit.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our tailors or to request more information about our tailoring services.


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