You may have recently come across the terms ‘hopsack suit’, ‘hopsack weave suit’ or ‘hopsack fabric suit’. These terms refer to a suit made using a fabric, such as wool, that has a hopsack weave texture – hopsack isn’t exactly a fabric in itself.

Hopsack suits have had a surge in popularity recently, and for good reason. Read on to learn about hopsack, and why it’s worth getting a custom hopsack suit.

Hopsack is a unique weave with a distinctive texture – specifically, a basket-like pattern with a loose structure. This is, in fact, why hopsack is considered a lightweight and breathable fabric option; and appropriately has a reputation as a summer fabric. Hopsack is also somewhat wrinkle-resistant, so there are plenty of benefits that come with a fabric with a hopsack weave.

The look that hopsack gives off also makes it a popular choice for sport coats and blazers.

You can get hopsack suits, hopsack blazers and hopsack sports coat custom-tailored for competitive prices at Mister Singh’s Fashion Gallery. We’re a Thailand-based men’s and women’s international custom tailor with decades of experience serving clients from all over the world. Our tailor shops are located in Bangkok and Phuket. If you reside in either of these places, you’ll be happy to know that we offer a complimentary local pick-up service to our Bangkok and Phuket tailor shops as well.

If you live outside of Thailand, we do have a travelling tailor service where we visit a number of major cities in South East Asia, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and Canada, every year. In these cities, we host trunk shows where you can have your measurements taken and look at fabric samples in order to order custom hopsack suits and other tailor-made garments. Click here to add your details to our travelling tailor contact list, wherein we’ll notify you the next time we’ll be visiting your city, or a city near you.

It’s also possible to order custom hopsack suits online. As part of this process, we normally ask that you send us a well-fitting garment so that we can obtain your measurements. We then promptly return this garment along with your custom-made hopsack suits. Feel free to get in touch with us in case you’d like to schedule a virtual consultation to place an order online.

To contact us, simply drop us a message using the form below – we aim to respond to all queries by the next working day.


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