Something along the lines of a man, a measuring tape, and a suit?

That’s fair enough, considering that tailors are known for specializing in men’s formal attire. Most often, this consists of suits, dress shirts, tuxedos, coats, and trousers. The fact of the matter is that many tailors – including ourselves – also cater to women. We have extensive experience in making dresses (including wedding dresses), blouses, skirts, etc.

Additionally, many tailors in this day in age will be able to custom-tailor all sorts of clothing. Silk pajamas, leather jackets, hoodies, t-shirts, jeans – you name it.

Getting casual clothing tailor-made has many of the same benefits as getting formal clothes tailor-made, although they may not serve the same purpose or be worn in the same environment.

Something else worth keeping in mind is that custom-tailored clothing doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. It’s entirely possible to get high-quality clothing custom-tailored at affordable prices. Of course, there are a number of factors that go into how much a suit is going to cost: the fabric, the stitching, the canvas, the lining fabric, etc. But the key thing is to make you feel comfortable, and so you don’t necessarily need the most expensive fabric, or even a full canvas. Just whatever works for you. That’s the beauty of getting clothes custom-made.

Mister Singh’s Fashion Gallery is an international custom tailor. We take pride in offering custom-tailored clothing at affordable prices, with decades of experience in serving ladies and gentlemen.

If you’re in Thailand and looking to get clothes custom-tailored, drop by any of our three showrooms, with no appointment needed. We do require an appointment if you’re looking to take advantage of our free pick-up service, however.

If you’re outside of Thailand and looking to get custom-tailored clothing, we still have two options available to you.

  • We travel to a number of major cities around the world as part of our travelling tailor service, where we measure you up, and your custom-tailored clothes are sent straight to your door. Be sure to add your details to our contact list if you’d like to know when we’re in town next time around.
  • Ordering online is another option. Here, we ask that you send us a well-fitting garment, which we’ll promptly send back along with your custom-tailored clothes. Alternatively, we’d be happy to assist you in measuring said garment via a virtual appointment.

To get in touch with us, or to order clothes online, simply send us a message through the contact form below, and we’ll get back to you promptly.


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