Bangkok is renowned for its custom tailoring, and for good reason. The city’s tailors have extensive experience with garment-making and offer an unbeatable combination of quality and affordability. As always, it’s just important to choose the right tailor for your tailored shirts.

The process of getting shirts tailored in Bangkok is relatively simple. Once you enter the tailor showroom, you will be greeted by a master tailor who will provide you with some lookbooks to draw inspiration from, as well as fabric options for your custom shirts. At our Bangkok tailor shop, we have a large selection of materials for you to choose from, including if you are looking for vegan shirts, for example, and the fabric will generally determine the price of your tailored shirts as well.

You will then have the opportunity to design your shirt with your tailor, such as when it comes to the pockets, buttons, or any supplementary details like monogramming. The next step will be for the tailor to take your measurements. If you have any specific requirements, this is your opportunity to let your tailor know as well.

Your shirts will then be promptly tailored for you and ready for pickup or for a final fitting at our tailor showroom.

So if you’re looking to add a touch of luxury to your wardrobe, consider getting your shirts made at our Bangkok tailor shop. With the help of one of our skilled tailors, you can create a shirt that is both reflective of your individuality and sense of style, and also made to fit you and not a standard size like off-the-peg shirts are. Simply drop us a message through the contact form below to get started.


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