When it comes to clothing suited for the summer, linen is one of the top choices. After all, it’s breathable and cool, and it definitely doesn’t hurt that it’s a vegan fabric as well. At Mister Singh’s Fashion Gallery, we invite you to our Patong tailor shop to discover our selection of linen fabrics for your custom linen suits, tailored by a team with decades of experience.

The Mister Singh’s experience

At Mister Singh’s, our tailors understand the unique characteristics of linen and are well-versed in tailoring high quality linen suits. Here’s what the process of ordering a custom suit from Mister Singh’s looks like, before your suit is delivered to your hotel/picked up from our store:

1. Personal Consultation: Your journey to an exclusively-tailored linen suit begins with a personalised consultation. Our tailors will discuss your style preferences and fit requirements with you, and work with you to customise the different details of your linen suit to your requirements, so that you can end up with a linen suit that is truly yours.

2. Linen fabric selection: We offer a curated collection of linen fabrics – including blends – to cater to different preferences and budgets. You’ll be able to choose the fabric(s) for your custom suit(s).

3. Measurements: Our measurement process means that your linen suit will be tailored to fit your body specifically. This should allow for a fit that not only looks great but will also be comfortable for you.

4. Fitting(s): After we have started working on your suit and depending on the duration of your stay in Phuket, we may invite you in for 1-2 fittings prior to the delivery of your suit. This is so that we can make any necessary adjustments, which are usually very minor, so that you can feel completely comfortable in your new linen suit.

A linen suit from Mister Singh’s Fashion Gallery is more than a garment; it’s an embodiment of comfort, style, and sophistication.

Contact us today

Experience the cool comfort and style of linen suits tailored in Phuket. Contact Mister Singh’s Fashion Gallery today to schedule your consultation at our Patong tailor shop. Our tailors are at your disposal, ready to tailor you a linen suit that complements your style like no ready-to-wear linen suit can.

If looking to take advantage of our complimentary pickup service from your hotel to our Patong suit shop, be sure to include your hotel name, room number, and preferred appointment time as well.


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