Leather, PVC and Latex Bodysuits from Mister Singh’s – no matter your requirements or any specific event(s) for which you may require your custom bodysuit, Mister Singh’s Fashion Gallery can make your bodysuit to your requirements for competitive prices.

A custom-made bodysuit is more than an outfit; it’s a statement. Embrace the allure and intimacy of latex or choose PVC if you’re allergic. There is, of course, also leather (and faux leather options) – if you prefer a different sort of fit.

With a custom-made bodysuit, you can get a fit that’s tailored to your requirements. You’ll be able to consult with our experts on which fabric(s) may be more appropriate for your bodysuit based on your requirements, desired fit and budget. It will also be made to your style requirements, so any intricate details you want can be implemented into your bodysuit. Every aspect is tailored to your preferences, so you end up with a garment that is truly yours.

And, when you choose Mister Singh’s for your custom bodysuit, you’re choosing a tailor with extensive experience. Each bodysuit is made by our skilled tailors with great attention to detail. Apart from this, our prices are also competitive. So, are you ready to embrace the extraordinary? Step into our atelier, where your desires become wearable art. Contact us today to embark on a journey of self-expression through custom-made leather, PVC and latex bodysuits. We offer complimentary pickup from your resort to our Patong tailor shop, so if looking to take advantage of this service, be sure to include your hotel name and room number, along with your preferred appointment date and time, when requesting a consultation as well.


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