Condé Nast says ‘Asia Is the Best Place to Buy Custom Clothing‘. We’re inclined to agree.

There are several reasons to have clothes tailored overseas – particularly in many parts of Asia. Historically, tailoring in countries such as Thailand was known to be very affordable compared to in the west. This used to be the main appeal for a lot of foreigners looking to get clothes made here.

Fast forward to today. Our prices are still very competitive, especially compared to tailored clothing in countries such as the UK or the US. If you’re concerned about the quality of the fabrics or the workmanship – and the experience your tailor has making suits/dresses/coats of certain styles, or in understanding the requirements of clients from certain countries, then you can rest assured that – as long as you choose the right tailor – you can have high expectations when it comes to quality as well.

At Mister Singh’s, we have decades of experience making clothing for men and women from all over the world. Each of our garments is a testament to our workmanship quality and attention to detail. In fact, we often hear from our clients that their 10-20 year old suits are still in great shape. When it comes to fabrics, we have an extensive selection for you to choose from as well – at our tailor shops in Bangkok and Phuket. These fabrics are suited to different preferences, garments, climates and budgets. This means that you don’t even have to source your own fabrics to be provided to us.

How to meet with Mister Singh’s Fashion Gallery?

  • In-store at our Bangkok or Phuket tailor shops during your visit to Thailand.
  • Through our virtual consultation service, where you can seamlessly connect with our expert tailors. You’ll be able to discuss your style preferences and requirements similar to how you would in-store. When it comes to measurements, we can either guide a friend or family member you have on hand in taking your measurements or we can guide you through measuring a well-fitting garment that you presently own.
  • You can send us a well-fitting garment through which we can obtain your measurements. Discussions regarding your requirements will take place over email, WhatsApp, and/or a virtual consultation.
  • Through our tailor trunk shows. We take pride in travelling around the world to provide our clients with the bespoke experience. Keep tabs on our travel schedule, and meet us in a city near you during our travelling tailor visits for a personalised experience. Sign up here to our travelling tailor mailing list and we’ll let you know the next time we’re headed your way.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose Mister Singh’s as your South East Asian tailor and get high quality custom clothing from experienced tailors at competitive prices. Get in touch with us today to get started.


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