In the heart of Bangkok, Mister Singh’s stands as a beacon of exceptional dressmaking.

At Mister Singh’s, dressmaking is not merely a craft; it’s a symphony of creativity, precision, and personalised expression. Our seasoned dressmakers, with a legacy spanning decades, bring forth extensive expertise to every stitch, where each dress can tell a unique story.

Why choose Mister Singh’s for your dressmaking requirements:

  1. With decades of experience making all sorts of dresses for women from all over the world, our tailor shops are a trusted and recognised destination for high quality dressmaking in Bangkok and Phuket.
  2. Your journey with us begins with a personalised consultation. During this consultation and after you have had a chance to look through and draw inspiration from our lookbooks, our dressmaking experts will delve into your style preferences, occasion(s) for your custom dress(es), and budget as they work with you to design dress(es) that complement your personality and are suitable for you based on your requirements. This is whether you’re looking to get a wedding dress, a cocktail dress, a sundress, or another type of dress or gown.
  3. You’ll be able to choose from a diverse range of fabrics sourced from around the globe – including a large number of premium options.
  4. We understand the importance of a great fit. We invite you in for fittings so we can see what adjustments – which are usually very minor – should be made before your dresses are ready for you.

So, if you’re seeking the epitome of elegance in dressmaking, Mister Singh’s Bangkok dressmaking studio stands as your definitive destination in this city. Let us work with you to celebrate your individuality with a bespoke dress or gown crafted exclusively for you. Contact us to schedule your consultation or to request complimentary pickup from your hotel to our Bangkok dressmaking and tailoring studio.


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