Step into the world of bespoke elegance at Mister Singh’s Bangkok tailor shop, where craftsmanship meets personal expression, and experience the charm of our exclusive custom-made waistcoats.

It’s not often you would purchase a waistcoat separate to a suit jacket and trousers, but depending on the occasion, and if you can style it right, you can still achieve a refined look without a jacket. In other cases, you might be looking to get a waistcoat in a contrasting colour to your jacket and trousers, wherein it’s always advisable to avoid mixing fabrics.

Your journey towards a custom-made waistcoat starts with a personalised consultation at our city centre tailor shop. During this stage, you’ll work with our team to design your custom waistcoat. This will primarily centre on you choosing from an extensive selection of fabrics and how the waistcoat should fit, wherein our tailor will measure you up and work with you to understand what feels right and would be a great fit. However, you’ll also be able to customise the pockets, for example. It’s a custom-made waistcoat, after all.

Ordering from abroad? Mister Singh’s simplifies the international ordering process. Simply drop us a message using the contact form below and we will coordinate with you on a suitable time/date slot for a virtual consultation. We’ll guide you through the design, fabric selection, and measurements, allowing for a seamless experience for our international clientele. When it comes to taking your measurements, you will ideally have someone on hand to assist with our guidance; but if not, we would suggest having a well-fitting garment ready so we can guide you through obtaining your measurements by measuring said garment.

Waistcoats custom-made by Mister Singh’s Fashion Gallery are more than just clothing; they are wardrobe investments that exude sophistication and individuality. Embrace the bespoke experience and showcase your unique flair in every detail.

Contact us today for an exclusive consultation at our Bangkok tailor shop, and let us make you a waistcoat that complements your individuality and style.


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