Embroidery stands as an art form that can breathe life into clothing, transforming them into exquisite canvases of personal expression. At Mister Singh’s Fashion Gallery in Phuket, we would be pleased to offer our custom embroidery services.

Why choose to get your garment(s) embroidered? Embroidery adds a touch of sophistication and individuality to clothing; it allows you to infuse your garments with a personal touch. Whether it’s a monogram, a meaningful symbol, or a vibrant design, your clothing becomes a canvas for your unique style. Beyond this, and depending on the style of the garment you’re looking to have embroidered, it may also elevate the visual appeal of the garment. What’s more? The embroidery work is done in accordance with your requirements, whether you want to have your initials monogrammed on your shirt cuff or have intricate designs added to a blazer or dress, or your organisation or team’s logo embroidered, it’s all up to you.

At Mister Singh’s, we offer custom embroidery services for both garments that we tailor for you and your existing garments that you bring along for a touch of personalisation in the form of custom embroidery work.

Apart from clothing items, we can also embroider top sheets, pillowcases, curtains, etc.

The process is simple and begins with a consultation at our Patong tailor shop. You’ll be able to share your ideas and preferences. Our experts will guide you on design possibilities for your existing/new garments. We’ll then complete your custom embroidery work and either invite you in to pick up your embroidered garments or deliver them to your home or hotel. If your garments are being tailored by us, we’ll also normally invite you in for 1-2 fittings as part of this process.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore custom embroidery options with Mister Singh’s Fashion Gallery. Drop us a message using the contact form below to schedule a consultation at our Patong tailor shop.


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