Bangkok has a long-standing reputation as a great place to get a well-tailored suit, often at competitive prices. In fact, the city now has a long list of tailors where you can get suits made. Here are five steps to guide you on your journey to getting suits made in Bangkok.

  1. Choose a reputable tailor shop: The first step is to conduct thorough research and select a reputable tailor shop in Bangkok. Look for a tailor shop with a strong reputation for craftsmanship, attention to detail, and excellent customer service. These will normally be long-standing tailoring houses with plenty of experience. Our Bangkok tailor shop, for example, takes pride in our commitment to delivering exceptional quality and exceeding our clients’ expectations; and we’ve got decades of experience in custom tailoring high-quality garments for clients from all over the world.
  2. Schedule a consultation: Once you have chosen a tailor shop, schedule a consultation to discuss your requirements and preferences. A personalised consultation allows the tailor to understand your style, body measurements, and desired fit. It is an opportunity to explore various fabric options, discuss design details, and receive a tailor’s guidance for the following step.
  3. Choose fabrics and customise your suit: During the consultation, you will have the opportunity to browse through the range of fabrics available at the tailor shop. This may include wool and cashmere to linen and more, depending on what they have available. At our Bangkok tailor shop, for example, we have an extensive selection of fabrics for you to choose from, catering to different budgets and preferences. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to customise your suit, including by choosing lapel and pocket styles, buttons, lining fabrics, etc. or to add intricate details such as a Milanese buttonhole.
  4. Precise measurements: Accurate measurements are crucial for achieving a well-fitted suit. The skilled tailors at our Bangkok tailor shop will take your measurements and work with you to understand how you wear your suits, so that you can feel comfortable in your new suit once completed.
  5. Fitting(s) and final touches: You may be asked to attend one or more fittings prior to the completion of your suit, although in many cases they may not be required. These fittings are so that the tailor can see whether there needs to be any minor adjustments to your suit. Once completed, your suit will be ready for collection at the tailor shop.

After that, you should be ready to wear your custom-made suits!

If you’re looking for a trustworthy tailoring house with extensive experience tailoring suits for clients from all over the world, be sure to get in touch with us as our Bangkok tailors are ready to work with you to design suits made to your requirements.

If you’re ready to schedule an appointment or wish to make an enquiry, feel free to drop us a message using the contact form below.


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